10 Tips in mastering Watercolor

We all have a creative side, some master it in great ways! There is no “I can’t” in art” ! Art is what you make of it. Its individual and there’s only one of it like you. Even if you copy an art piece, it might look the same but the technique used is different and so is the little details.

Today ill be sharing with you 10 tips on how to master Watercolor!

  1. Having Patience! – Art does not take 2 minutes, it a working piece. It takes time and patience and if you don’t get it right its okay start over, don’t be to hard on your self.
  2. Color Chart – Make a color chart of all the colors you have and with each individual color you should have 4 diffident ratios of water (going from dark to light gradually).This will help you pick the right shade when you paint then you know how much water to add to the consistency.
  3. Practice is key – Your not going to turn into Picasso in 24 hours. To draw or paint again takes time and patience and to master it you have to practice a lot and find your technique till you perfect it . We don’t always have time in our schedule to practice everyday but make sure to make time at least once a week to sit down and practice.
  4. YouTube/ classes – Take a class or two to learn more about the basics of watercolor, you can learn so much more to help yourself improve. If your tight on a budget, YouTube it the perfect place to go check out artist. It free and you learn so much, I personally would recommend that you go check out “Tillith”, “Qinni” and Laovaan” on you tube. Their truly amazing watercolor artists.
  5. Paper towels – are great for many things, sometimes you might transfer to much water onto your painting and using paper towel to absorb water. It can also be used for creating texture and to clean wet brushes or paint spills.
  6. Keep all your art from day one – There will be times where you made a great piece and times you think it was a big mistake but keep every painting you create because its good to look back and see how you transformed and if you made mistakes they remind you not to do it again .
  7. Get a palette/ plastic plates – It all depends on your budget and how much effort your going to put into learning watercolor. If you know for sure your going to paint continually then I would suggest in getting a palette to mix your color ratios on. If your just going to try it and not put that much time into watercolor then plastic plates are perfect for mixing colors and very affordable.
  8. Get the right brushes – Again if your going to paint continually then ill go with good quality brushes and yes it may be more pricey er but so worth it and if not so much, I would just go with a cheap brand, it will do just as a great job.If your not sure in what brushes to get then you can ask the craft shop to show you for example I love to go to Micheal’s craft store and they label the paint brushes that goes with the paint.
  9. Getting the right paper to paint on – If you go to a craft store they will have a whole ail full of different kinds of paper for different material for example, sketching, pastel, oil paint, acrylic paint for ink and watercolor or one that combines them all. Make sure the book you pick up is indeed watercolor. I would recommend getting 100% cotton. It is great for watercolor but can be very pricey and yes there is cheaper brands as well.
  10. Drawing pencils (gray) – Before you start your painting, you have to sketch the outlines and highlights of the picture your going to paint for guideline to know where goes what when you paint. I recommend using a very light pencil because you don’t want to see the lines through the paint.


Hope you all enjoyed this article today, if you have any more questions, please comment below and ill answer them as soon as I can.

Till next time my lovelies

Angelique Schmidt ♥

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