My First Listings

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Hello there lovelies ♥

As I promised, today’s post is about my listings/ my art pieces in my Etsy shop. My art pieces are small but a lot of work is put in them, they are all individually unique and there is only one of them all, so for example if you were to purchase one, you will be the only one to have that original piece.

I listed them all for about $12 Canadian dollars each and shipping for Canada is free and all the other International places, there a shipping fee of $5 Canadian dollars.

So anyways lets get to the colorful part ♥

  1. See my Soul – Watercolor

2016-07-18 05.57.42.jpg

2. Bumble bee – Watercolor

2016-07-18 05.55.57.jpg

3. Galaxy fun – Watercolor

2016-07-18 05.58.07.jpg

4. Big old moon – Watercolor

2016-07-18 05.59.08.jpg

5. Adventure with Nature

2016-07-18 06.00.22.jpg

6. The fairy tale ending – Watercolor

2016-07-18 06.00.56.jpg

7. Off into the wind – Watercolor

2016-07-18 05.58.50.jpg

8. The dream – Watercolor

2016-07-18 06.21.14

I had so much fun with these pieces, my favorite is my bumble bee but that just me. I hope you all enjoy today post.

Till next time

Angelique ♥

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