My Etsy Shop

My Etsy shop

Welcome back to my blog! (=

Today Im here to tell you all about my Etsy shop. My long term goal is to become a full time artist next year this time (fingers crossed)! So ill be needing your support and tips all the way through to make it a reality.

No, Im not here to smother you into buying my pieces but to open your mind and eyes to art and what my soul speaks into art. If you do buy my collection or an individual piece it is much appreciated but if you only want to click the like button on the picture that is awesome to! I appreciate every little bit of feedback because that going to help me grow as an artist.

Above I posted a link to my shop so don’t hesitate to go check it out.

So far is it very exiting but very scary. What if people don’t like my art or what if nothing happens? Then it is okay, yes okay! Because I know I gave it my all and at least I know I tried.

Ill of course be selling all kinds of art but for now my focus is on watercolor.

My next post will be all my art in my Etsy shop if your curious to see how they look.

Thanks for reading, till next time


Angelique ♥

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